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A/N: So one of my little sisters had a prompt for school to write a gothic story in the genre of edgar allan poe-esque. I thought I would help her and try my hand at it as well :) All I ever write is SwanQueen fanfiction...which is fantastic :P Pinkpillow19 if you like Swen :). But this is not a happy story, it's creepy and suspenseful. If you enjoy supernatural, you might like :) All my smilies are decieving, just go have a read, and don't wander into the dark, especially if you seen grey eyes. Well I am off to bed goodnight :) Just have to find my you hear humming?

I found this diary in my garden, I know you
have been missing your daughter she must have
left it here and the dog took it and buried it
in my garden. Since I have retired I spend all
my time tending to the little darlings, I will
bring by some flowers tomorrow to brighten your
home up a bit. My condolences.

Miss Magnolia.

The woman sits, clutching at her chest. Kristy, she has been gone for months now. Not gone, lost. Since the day she didn’t come home, since the day all of them didn’t come home.

The plane never landed. Her things gone forever. Missing her daughter, the woman runs her hand over the diary. Bumps and scrapes from being planted in the garden by the dog.

What had Kristy been thinking before she left? Happy thoughts she hopes. Carefully peeling back the brittle front. There is just one problem.
The date. It starts when she began her trip.

“Dear Diary, Here I go, off to Germany the land of castles, cars and arquitecture. I can’t wait to spend my time exploring the mountains and finally learning German. We all know our teachers in the States suck anyway, have any of them ever even been abroad diary?”
But this is impossible, all of Kristy’s things were with her on the plan. The sun is setting, a chill blows under your door. You shiver, when did spring start to feel more like winter? When Kristy disappeared. When the hope of seeing her bound in the house started to fade to pastel, like your kitchen walls.

You know this is crazy. You start to shiver, though not from cold. You decide to be brave, to keep reading, maybe there is some hope after all.

“Our first day was amazing. We saw the old Salt mines, we heard some ghost stories about children that used to be sent in to small spaces and became trapped and never made it back out to see the light of day. Yeah right, light places where really like that back in the olden days. I’m 16 I’m not stupid diary. It was cool anyway even with the dumb ghost stories. The mountains in the background were stunning, unlike anything I have ever seen. Something else interesting happened though diary, we went out for a walk and the other kids went to drink with some locals, it didn't feel right to me. I told them go on ahead I’m tired and I’ll go back and get some rest. On the way back I passed this garden. By the roses I heard crying and ventured in further, in the moonlight I saw a small blonde girl with grey eyes in an old tattered dress. It was peach. I felt bad for her, there was no one else around so I brought her back to where we were staying to call her parents. I left her in the front to call her parents. I hoped the clerk would understand her, she only spoke English. But I had left her with a real adult, surly they handled it. I was just drifting off to sleep when I felt her hand. She told me she couldn’t sleep. I asked if she had called her parents, she nodded. I have never been one to spend time with kids. You know that diary. But her little face, it was so haunted. She asked if she could sleep with me. I nodded, she crawled in. She was freezing. I hoped her parents would come soon. I hear her humming right before I drifted off to sleep. It sounded like an old lullaby, I don’t think I recognized the words, though they seemed to be in English.

When I woke up she was gone. I asked the clerk the next morning if the girl’s parents had come. She said that she was no the one on duty last night, she had been called in because it was left unstaffed this morning. Some people don’t have the decency to quit right. I gave my dog walking job two weeks notice. Miss Magnolia understood since I would be in Germany. She really has the prettiest flowers. Until tomorrow.”

You feel your heart swell, that Kristy could protect this young innocent. You raised her right. Now you feel the sadness receding, you decide to read on this is helping with the pain in your heart. You have been sitting for a while, you stretch, popping your back. You wander to the kitchen to make tea. You turn on the kettle and start reading, this time leaned against the kitchen isle.
“Day 5, hey diary sorry I have been so busy. I had to take care of everyone the last few days. The girls and guys either came back hungover the next morning or with food poisoning. I am glad the little girl was picked up before they returned. Oh my kettle is boiling, the best way to end this stressful week be right back…

Diary the little girl… she’s back. I am really confused. She said she got lost again. That she remembered how to get to me. We must call her parents again. I am writing with the light from my computer as she watches me. Safely. From under covers. I tried to put on a light for her but she started to cower in the corner. This time I will go talk to the person on duty about her parents, while she rests. Tonight her eyes are red rimmed, it must be from her crying. I turned around to see if she was asleep. She is still staring at me. I told her I was just finishing my entry, then I will find her parents and that she should sleep. She told me she can’t. Well, I gotta go take care of this. She is so cute though, maybe I will adopt kids one day, apparently I am good with them. Until tomorrow.”

Your kettle whistles, you jump. Hand on your chest, you must calm your breathing, like when you found out the plane was gone. No not gone lost.

You hear music, did you leave the tv on? You set down the book and walk into the tv room. No, the tv is off. You start to hum, an old tune you learned when you were little, a tune that keeps the vampires away. Something you long forgot you had believed in. Like angles and things in the dark. But no you are an adult. These things are children’s troubles. You must overcome this like the first time you overcame your greatest fear, darkness.  

When Kristy was 5. That was the first time you were brave enough. And you thought the accident that killed your wife was true fear, no Kristy whispering go away, so quietly you almost didn’t hear. You almost couldn’t overcome the fear that froze you to get to her. You heard a creak and something in you snapped. You needed to get to her. You knocked her door down like it was nothing. You looked around wildly, flicked on the lights. But there was nothing there. Kristy sat with her grey eyes and brown hair clutching at her bear. You asked her if she were ok. She nodded and smiled. She explained that she thought she saw something in the dark. You grab something heavy, open the closet nothing. Kristy giggles

"Mommy, there’s nothing in there."

Kristy has never been afraid of the closet. So unlike you when you were younger. You move under the bed. Nothing. The window is locked. You were the first one to enter the room. You check the security system. Still secure. You sighed, safe. Just an illusion of the dark.
You breathe easy, you conquered your fear for Kristy. She would want you to be brave. Kristy, ironically, was never afraid of the dark. She could sit in it for hours, just relaxing, deathly still.

You walk back into the light of the kitchen, you feel safe. Your tea is ready. You must have forgotten that you put the tea bag in when you left to check the tv, earl grey? You havn’t touched that since Kristy was home, it was, no…no is her favorite. You take a sip, bitter you forgot sugar, how odd you always put the sugar in first.

You pour five spoon full’s of sugar, early grey was bitter enough to award it a few more. You sit at the island and settle in to read again.

“Well Diary, she was gone again this morning. Again the staff has changed over. Due to being left unattended. The woman I spoke to last night seemed decent, I am surprised she left like that. She must have gotten the little girl home though. Today we went to Mirabelle Gardens, it was fantastic today, we did photo-shoots and pretended like we had been in the movies that were shot there. There’s even a tunnel archway, that must look better when there are flowers on there. We ate pretzels and an odd color soda. The little girl was not back tonight, is it sad to say I missed her? Oh well, I hope she is happy. Week one done YAY! I cannot hope but feel like this trip will be the trip of my life.”

You smile, a single happy tear slowly making its way down your cheek. Happy, Kristy was happy. You make your way through the entries that cover the next month. You take a break to eat, you swear you saw a shadow cross by your kitchen window. But when you check there is nothing but ravens outside. Your dog whimpers. You reach your hand down and pat her head. Soon you too will cuddle up and go to bed.

You finish and walk up the stairs alone. Maybe your dog will join you later, you don’t know where that old girl has gotten to. Probably back to Miss Magnolia’s garden. You laugh, that poor sweet old woman. She never yells at your dog for being in her garden. Or that time she found Kristy in the garden…
You snuggle into your bed. You start to read with your book light.

Today I was following this blond girl around. She had a cut on her bottom lip, but woah was she beautiful. She reminded me of my mom, not the one at home, the one that died in the car crash. I can’t even remember her face anymore. But I remember her hair, it was the same color I swear. Makes me feel bad for my mom though. Sometimes I can hear her at night… humming, like the song Ma used to sing. This girl though. I just kept following her, till I was lost. Then she turned and brushed my hair aside. And well she kissed me. Her lips tasted like apples. She smelled like cinnamon and sugar. My ma used to bake all the time, I bet she smelled like that…”

You shake your head. This woman sounds like your wife, it’s how you met. You were on vacation and saw the most beautiful girl you had ever seen. You followed her through the woods, until she kissed you. You can’t even remember her name anymore. A lot of therapy, to help your forget, you had to move on, for Kristy.

No drugs, alcohol or one night stands, you were stronger than that. You were stronger than the dark.

You glance again for your dog. Still no sign of her. You get up to check on her. A quick walk around the house. No signs of her. All the doors are still closed, still locked, security system armed.

Where is your dog. You walk back upstairs. Floor creaking loudly. You want noise, maybe it will stir your dog. You reach the top of the stairs. Kristy notebook. Did you leave it up here? You turn and it sits on the hall table, you must have set it down.

You forget what you had been doing. Oh reading Kristy’s journal right. You snuggle back in bed, it is really getting chilly out. When will Kristy be coming home? Is it just a few days now? You should go down and check your calendar on the fridge, but that can wait till tomorrow. You wish your dog was still around to curl up on your feet. Kristy was crushed the day you had to bury her in the back yard, well her ashes anyway.

You promised Kristy you guys would get a puppy, when she comes home. You decide you can read a few more entries tonight.

I think I am in love. She, I didn’t catch her name is pure light. She told me to come to the woods again tomorrow. I will be there, no matter how much the boys tease me about her. Funny thing tonight I was taking a walk in the moonlight and I saw the girl, the little girl. Skipping down next to the pond. I didn’t see anyone around her. When I went to check on her…she was gone. Well I am off to bed. This place is so wonderful, yet so strange…”

You look down further, a later entry that night.

“Ok, so I woke up tonight, I couldn’t explain it something felt wrong. I could feel her. Like she was there with me. I could feel her little hand grip mine but when I flicked on the light nothing was there. I heard one of my roommates humming the song, her song, in her sleep. Where did she hear it? I can’t sleep. I will be so tired when I meet the girl in the woods tomorrow. But I just hope the little lost girl is ok. I have a feeling something has happened to her….”

The page is ripped, looks like more was written then ripped out. You turn the page…nothing.
You flip a few blank pages, then there is more.

“Diary, the girl from the woods. She told me she can’t tell me her name, that it is more fun that way. She said she can tell me before I go home. She will give me something to remember her by. I don’t want to leave I wish I could take her with me, and strangely enough the little girl. Her parents don’t seem to take care of her, she never changes her clothes and last night she had a split lip, and a cut across her cheek. I cleaned it up but I think I will convince her to stay with me. We need to keep her safe. Her eyes are red now, bloodshot. She needs sleep. I try humming to her, the song my Ma used to hum. I ask her if she wants me to talk about my Ma. She shakes her head and cuddles into me. She is scared. I try to tell her about the pretty girl in the woods, the one who kissed me. She tells me not to go there anymore. I laugh and give her a hug. I tell her she is silly. The girl is fine, I think I might love her. I have always loved fairy tales. She tells me to stay with her. I tell her I can for tonight.”

You realize something seems off. This little girl, why does she keep appearing. You try to push it to the back of your mind, simply an innocent needing help, nothing more. You reach for your dog, right she is downstairs still.

“The girl with blond hair, we spent all day in the sunlight. We found the most beautiful fountain. I took so many pictures of her, but when we got back the sunlight was always in her face, I couldn’t get a good photo. I will need to get one before I leave. I really want to show everyone what she looked like, even when I can’t remember her face anymore or the sound of her voice when she hums.  Tonight the girl was sitting on my bed, she wouldn’t look at me. She doesn’t seem scared now, she doesn’t seem like she feels anything. I tried to get her to laugh, to talk to me. She won’t, not tonight. Though when I was asleep I swear she whispered no go away. I bolted, but she lay there playing with my hair. She is still safe. Still here, would my mom be ok with me bringing a child back? She needs a home. We could be her home. Ma would take her in, I am certain of it.”

You try to remember your wife but all you can remember were moments in the sun with the rays obstructing her face. But her laugh, you could never forget her laugh, it sounded like a lullaby.
You start to hum. Your eyes droop as you are getting sleepy. Kristy’s first love, how happy you are that she has found someone.

Maybe one more. Just for tonight.

“The little girl, I’ll bring her with me. I stopped seeing the girl in the woods, because it made her cry…”

You drift off and you dream of a forest bathed in light. You hear a light humming as you begin to stir, a hand threads through your dark hair.

“Sweetheart, it’s time to get up.”

You cuddle into your wife. She is so warm. Only a few more seconds. 40 more seconds. Then you will get up. You can hear her giggle, you hear her start to hum. To ask you how you slept. That you have to get up early today before it is dark, but she will protect you from the dark. She kisses you and tells you she will start the coffee and not to venture into the dark without her.

But then you hear it, Kristy whisper. You bolt. You hear your wife call out. Wait for me. You can’t Kristy is scared.

You run into her room and pick her up, she is wearing her favorite night dress, something in a tattered peach that you have no idea why she picked it up at the garage sale. Her grey eyes shine in the moonlight. She sighs, she says she thought you weren't coming.

You tell her you will always follow her into the dark.

She holds your hand and leads you outside to Mrs. Magnolia’s garden.
You looks at you with her bright grey eyes and that little cut on her lip and cheek and she quietly tells you, "Ma is lost."

You pick up Kristy and walk off into the dark, no longer afraid.


Kelly Preston
United States


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